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Here's an infield demo of Dating Coach Sebastian.


Dating coach & PUA expert



The number one proven reason for low confidence in men and unhappy dating lives.


Boost Confidence and Supercharge Your Dating Life with our FREE EBOOK.


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Our Courses

All of our courses are crafted and extensively researched by Coach Sebastian, an expert Pick-up Artist with over 7 years of proven infield experience! His knowledge has already reached over 11 million people around the globe and helped countless men build confidence and expert dating skills.

How to pick up girls and date attractive women. Dating coach for men UK

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity to meet an attractive woman because of approach anxiety or not knowing what to say? If yes, then

'From Open To Close' is the perfect tool for you.            


This is a system that has taken over 6 years of infield experience to come into existence. Designed to completely overhaul how men think about approaching women. From Open To Close has helped my clients transform their dating lives in less that 2-3 months. This blueprint will teach you EVERYTHING that you need to know to successfully approach attractive women and lead fun and exciting dates that bring RESULTS.

It is an easy to follow, beginner-friendly system that will help you transform your dating life by teaching you how to approach, flirt and LEAD dates. Be ready to elevate your confidence and charisma and NEVER miss out on talking to a woman you find attractive again. For the first time ever learn what I teach students on my all inclusive bootcamps! All, right here in this course!

What is the fastest way to improve any skill? By putting tried and tested principles into practice!


Attending a bootcamp is an excellent way to improve your ability to flirt, overcome approach anxiety, score dates, be held accountable and improve your all round game. 

You will work directly with me and benefit from live feedback as you go through the process of honing your pick up skills. If you want to fast-track your improvement then this is the option for you.

Bootcamps can be booked privately or in groups. Get more information on our bootcamp page!

daygame bootcamp. Learn to pick up girls and get dating coaching from a pickup artist
date coach. learn to date attractive women. Dating coach in London.

Attracting women is a skill that can be learned over time with proper guidance and a willingness to improve your dating life. 

In order to attract high value women you must learn how to develop real connections and stand out from the crowd. 

In my 1 on 1 coaching programs I teach my students how to transform into a man that women actively pursue and constantly desire. Hiring me out personally is the quickest method to totally transform your dating life and benefit from my private advice, personalised specifically to your.

I will help you hone your skills by keeping you accountable throughout the process, give you actionable advice, help you achieve your dating targets, and make sure that you stay on track with weekly coaching calls. 

About Coach Seb

Sebastian, once just like you, struggled to gain true confidence and unlock the secrets to attracting high-quality women. After years of dedicated study in the art of flirting, the psychology of attraction, and the female mindset, he cracked the code. 

Today, he's a successful dating coach with a wealth of practical, proven advice. Men don't just learn theory; they discover what women truly respond to. Whether through personalised 1-on-1 coaching or his expertly crafted course 'From Open to Close,' which provides a blueprint for modern dating success, Sebastian is your key to transformation. Say goodbye to years of uncertainty and contact him now.

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Dating Coaching For Men 

Want to gain effortless confidence in any approach? Attract high quality women and ooze charisma? Gain social skills to talk to anyone?

Coach Sebastian can help. Get in touch with him now to get started. 


Dating coaching Expert for single men
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