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Coach Sebastian, a renowned dating coach for men, has helped thousands of men worldwide lead successful dating lives with his expert coaching and proven dating coaching techniques.
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Today, I am a world-renowned dating coach who has helped countless men from all over the world transform their dating lives BUT I wasn’t always this way, in fact it was quite the opposite.

When I moved to England from Poland at the age of 9, I faced Racism for being “different” and I was bullied for being "chunky". This childhood experience dented my self-image and resulted in severe social anxiety. I had 0 friends growing up! As time went on I became more and more closed off to the outside world. Because of this, I had absolutely 0 success with women in high school and college. I knew something needed to change. I did not want my childhood traumas to affect my future.

The first girl that I really liked FRIEND-ZONED ME

After getting friend-zoned by the first girl who I really liked, I was truly heart broken. This is what lead me to taking the self development route. I started working out, improving my social skills and most importantly I started day gaming ! At first, I was unable to even look women right in the eyes (especially the beautiful ones!). I was getting rejected over and over again due to my anxiety and nerves, constantly getting stuck in platonic conversations that would fade away any attraction women would at times feel towards me. Let's just say, for a while, it was not pretty. 

But I did not give up. I knew just like any skill, this skill can be improved too! After years of trial and error, I was able to see the kind of success I always dreamt of. It all started to make sense.

Learn to pick up more women. Learn to attract women and get more dates with hot girls.
date more women. Attract women. Be more confident with women.

Now I coach men to overcome their inner hurdles

During this process of becoming better with women, I found my passion. My passion for helping men who are getting held back by their limiting beliefs. I enjoy helping men transform into charismatic and confident versions of themselves by teaching what I learnt over the years.

Certain pick up coaches in this community teach "canned material" & straight up deception tactics to fake status and confidence.

I give my students easy to follow practical advice that helps them achieve real confidence and results as long as they are dedicated to the process.  Plus, I always stay in touch with every one of my students way after coaching is finished to make sure they are always on the right path. 


Real change and success NEVER happens overnight. You'll need to put in the work. But the best part is that anyone with any circumstances can do this.

If you're ready, let's start your journey !

I'm here to help.

Coach Sebastian


Coach Sebastian

Want to gain effortless confidence in any approach ? Attract high quality women and ooze charisma ? Gain social skills to talk to anyone ?

Coach Sebastian can help. Get in touch with him now to get started. 

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