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From Open To Close


Tired of constantly having to deal with approach anxiety, rejection and the belief that a fun dating life is out of your reach? Well, we've got the perfect solution. Let me introduce you to the 'From Open To Close' Blueprint. Developed over 6 years of rigorous infield cold approaching by Sebastian himself. Learn everything that you need to know in order to successfully approach women with charisma and unwavering confidence. The course will provide you with: - Video lessons on 4 different methods of opening interactions with women AND lessons on how to create your own UNIQUE openers. - Video lessons on 4 unique methods to help you smoothly flirt during your approaches - A full video guide on how to escalate both physically and verbally to EXCITE women - A Date structure to help you LEAD exciting dates that bring RESULTS - Step by step blueprint breakdown to help you put everything together into one kick-ass package that will help you become confident around any woman. - BONUS CONTENT: A voice and tonality mini-course book, FREE fashion and style overhaul pdf, FREE '20 1st date questions' PDF that will spice up your dates ! This is the ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT that blows every other course out of the water and gives you all the knowledge you need to become the best version of yourself to transform your dating life.



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