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Mastering the Art of Physical Touch: 5 Tips to Create Sexual Tension on Dates

Hey gentlemen! We all know that physical touch plays a significant role in building a connection and sparking chemistry during a date. But how do you navigate this delicate territory without making your date uncomfortable? Fear not, I've got you covered with some practical tips and examples to help you develop your physical touch skills.

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Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of physical touch and escalation, of and don't forge to read until the end for the most important tip of them all:

1. Start with Subtle Gestures:

Begin your date with subtle touches that break the physical barrier but don't overwhelm. For instance, offer a warm hug when you first meet, or lightly touch her arm while sharing a funny story. These gestures convey interest without making things uncomfortable.

Example: As you greet your date, give her a friendly hug and maintain eye contact as you pull away. This sets a positive tone for the evening and lets her know you're comfortable with physical contact.

Another example can be seen from the image, here I tease the woman that I'm flirting with, and when she laughs I give her a gentle touch on the arm.

2. Gauge Her Comfort Level:

Pay close attention to her body language and verbal cues. If she's receptive to your touch, you can gradually increase it. If she seems hesitant or uncomfortable, take a step back and give her space. Respect her boundaries at all times.

Example: During a conversation, notice if she reciprocates your touches or leans in closer. If she does, you can lightly touch her hand or shoulder to intensify the connection.

3. Utilize Compliments:

Compliments can be a great way to initiate physical contact. Offer a genuine compliment, and then gently touch the area you're praising. For instance, if you compliment her smile, you can touch her cheek briefly.

Example: Your date's eyes light up when you compliment her outfit. As you praise her sense of style, lightly brush your fingers along her arm, creating a subtle, flirty connection.

4. Create Opportunities for Physical Contact:

dating tip for men

Plan activities or choose a date location that naturally lends itself to physical touch. This could be something as simple as a dance class or a stroll in the park, where you can hold hands or put your arm around her.

Example: Taking your date to a salsa dancing class not only makes for a fun date but also provides numerous opportunities for physical touch. Lead confidently, hold her hand, and pull her in for a twirl. If not salsa, a simple club where you can dance with her will be sufficient. Venues that enable you to touch her through the activity, makes physical touch natural and combines it with doing something fun that both of you will enjoy.

5. Build Anticipation:

Building anticipation can make physical touch more exciting and memorable. Tease her with light touches and then gradually escalate as the date progresses. This keeps things interesting and keeps both of you engaged.

Example: During a playful conversation, lightly graze her thigh with your hand while making a point. Later in the evening, when the chemistry is undeniable, go in for a passionate kiss.

6. Calibrate and Communicate:

I already mentioned this a little in tip number 2, but it is worth repeating it again, always make sure to calibrate your touch to her level of comfort, it's important you don't overstep things and make her uncomfortable.

While it's essential to initiate physical touch, it's equally crucial to gauge her comfort level continuously. Calibrate your physical escalation by paying attention to her responses. If she responds positively to your touch, you can gradually increase it. However, if she appears uncomfortable or tense, take a step back and give her space.

Remember, physical intimacy is a gradual process, and no one goes from zero to sixty in one step. Developing physical touch and intimacy is essential for building a strong foundation for a more intimate connection later on. So, don't shy away from it, but always prioritise her comfort and boundaries.

And don't forget to check out "From Open to Close", It's a treasure trove of practical dating tips and insights that will help you become a dating pro in no time. Happy dating!


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