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How To Get More Dates From Tinder

Updated: May 9, 2023

How to get more dates from tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world ! Meaning that Tinder gives men a huge pool of women to match with ! In this article I will be sharing with you how to get dozens of dates from tinder and how to maximise your results from the worlds most popular dating app !

Getting More Tinder Matches

To get more dates from tinder you need to first get more tinder matches ! That means that your photos and profile need to be optimised to attract women and portray value. For this to happen I advise you get a great natural photographer to take some simple photos of you doing cool things ! Ideally you want your tinder photos to be have the following; a portrait of you, a photo of you with a friend, you in a cool place, you doing an activity and a funny photo (as long as you don't look like an idiot).

Once you have 4 or 5 great photos that show you at your best, you have a tinder profile optimised for more matches !

Getting More Tinder Dates

There is a simple trick to get more dates from tinder that most men don't use. It is called 'Moving Things Along'. In other words NOT Wasting time. Once you have a match, you should:

  • Open - Open with something that you notice about her, this will grab her attention!

  • Flirt - Make jokes about her, tease her and keep the talk playful.

  • Build Comfort - Tell her a little bit about yourself (But don't over do it).

  • Get Her Number - Ask for her number when the talk is going well.

  • Schedule The Date - When texting her away from tinder, schedule the date 👊

The above 5 points are your structure. Following this will help you skip past anything unnecessary which might be hurting your chances of scoring dates with girls.

On the other hand, you should AVOID doing the following:

  • Chit-chat about nothing without any point

  • Get overly sexual over text

  • Send desperate texts if she is unavailable

Now if you don't know how to follow the above tinder text game structure, BOOK A COACHING CALL WITH ME !

I teach men how to date multiple women from tinder and I will show you text game examples which will teach you the best way to get a girls number and schedule a date.

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